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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Margaret

When parents discover their child has lice, many go into panic mode. They go out to purchase pricey products that claim to get rid of the problem, some with success, others totally failing. These hit or miss products cost time and money, and the longer the lice are present, the higher likelihood that they will spread to other family members.  There is another, better solution: visiting the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Margaret.

At The Lice Place, parents are able to have their child’s lice treated by a professional team of experienced medical staff. In fact, the team at The Lice Place has many years of combined experience in the medical field, which means they know what will, and will not, work when it comes to getting rid of lice.

The professionals at The Lice Place will begin and finish the treatment. The cost of the treatment will be determined based on how long it takes. This is determined by the length and thickness of the patient’s hair. For girls the process usually takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, while boy’s treatment usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. You will also receive a 30 day guarantee for the treatment that is received.

There is no need for parents to rush out and purchase products that may or may not work when a single visit to The Lice Place can get rid of head lice an nits for good.

For more information about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Margaret, contact The Lice Place today at (205)424-5165.

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