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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Oneonta

There is no question that one tiny, black lice can ruin the day – or even week. Anyone with school aged children know there is a risk for them to come home one day with these little critters. However, the situation does not have to be one surrounded by stress and frustration. With a visit to the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Oneonta, the issue can be resolved in just a few hours.

The clinic is designed to provide immediate care for those suffering from lice, as well as evaluate family members who may also be suffering from the problem. The treatment provided works quickly and is composed of non-toxic and safe ingredients to ensure there are no adverse reactions or side effects.

The team at The Lice Place is made up of medical professionals who understand what it takes to effectively get rid of head lice and nit infestations. They start the treatment and ensure the lice are completely gone before patients leave the clinic. Additionally, they offer a 30 day guarantee on their treatment, as well as future checks to ensure that the lice has not returned.

Each patient is treated with discretion and will be given an individual, sterilized treatment room when they come in for an appointment. Getting rid of lice has never been easier than the treatment offered by The Lice Place.

For more information about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Oneonta, contact The Lice Place today at (205)424-5165.

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