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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Pinson

As children grow up and attend school, chances are they will, at some point, be exposed to head lice. This is an issue that seems to be present in areas, across the country. However, how parent’s handle the issue will determine the ability they have to get rid of the problem. Rather than wasting a significant amount of money on lice treatment products, there is a better, faster and more effective solution: visiting a quality lice removal treatment clinic in Pinson.

The Lice Place understands how difficult it can be to handle issues of head lice and nits. This is why they offer their services. At The Lice Place each patient will be given a private treatment room and can feel confident that they will not catch lice after their visit.

The Lice Place is ran by medical professionals, with a combined experience of many years helping parents to get rid of lice. We operate with discretion and ensure full and complete treatment for each patient that is seen. There is no starting and then letting the parents complete the treatment. At The Lice Place, we take all the responsibility of getting rid of these critters.

In addition to superior lice removal services, The Lice Place will also provide information about how to prevent and treat cases of head lice. This can be beneficial, especially for parents with multiple children who may share the “bugs” with each other.

For anyone in need of quick and efficient lice treatment services, then contacting The Lice Place is essential. For more information about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Pinson, contact The Lice Place at (205)424-5165 today.

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