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Can I really afford to have my child professionally & safely treated by The Lice Place?

Things to Consider When Dealing with a Head Lice Infestation Over the Counter Products and Prescription Treatments Home Remedies The Lice Place
Removes/Kills 100% of the Adult & Baby Lice No No Yes
Removes/Kills 100% of the Lice Eggs/Nits No No Yes
Possible risks and side effects: Several – ranging from skin irritation to burns to respiratory distress to seizures. Most home remedies (mayonnaise, olive oil, Vaseline) usually only cause a huge mess; however, in the case of gasoline, there have been several reported burns as well as deaths. None. The Lice Place’s products are pesticide and chemical free. Physicians refer their
patients with health related issues as they recognize and value the safety of our treatment.
Guarantee: None None 30 days + free head checks for 3 months
Consultation & Support: None None One-on-one & ongoing
Time spent dealing with a head lice infestation: 4 weeks to > 1 year 4 weeks to > 1 year Average treatment time is 45 to 90 minutes
Cost associated with a head lice infestation: $250 – $1000 $250 – $1000 Approximately $70 – $130
Time spent combing through hair: 10 – 14 hours per week 10 – 14 hours per week N/A
Time spent cleaning the home: 6 – 12 hours per week 6-12 hours per week 30 minutes

Your family’s lice problem can be resolved very quickly, safely, and effectively by The Lice Place. Within 10 minutes of talking with one of our Lice Specialists/Consultants, you can feel your stress melt away. There will be no time wasted combing through hair or cleaning your home. Very little time is missed from work and/or school; and you are able to go back to your normal routine. Most importantly, you and your children are not exposed to pesticides or poisons.

Can you afford to not have your child treated by The Lice Place?

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