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Spring Lice Removal Products

Are you worried due to your child’s head lice problems? Call The Lice Place right now. We offer the most effective solution for head lice and nits infestations. Being the most experienced and reputable lice removal franchise in Alabama, The Lice Place offers the safest and the easiest lice treatment services. We have helped thousands of families and individuals get rid of lice. Along with clinical treatments, we also offer several non-toxic, Spring Lice Removal Products that are equally effective in removing lice and nits.

Our TLP products are available at affordable prices and can be ordered online. We formulate these products with natural ingredients and oils. They don’t have any harsh chemicals that can harm your family. Instead, these products contain peppermint, mint and Neem oil. These components have already been proved to be natural lice repellants and so offer natural safeguard from future lice and nits infestations. Our products can easily be used by children and people with sensitive scalp. Whether you need a lice removal shampoo, conditioner, spray or mousse, we have a full range of these products.

The Lice Place is a known name in the lice removal industry. Countless numbers of families trust us for our effective and safe treatment method and products. You can also benefit from our service by receiving our professional assistance for your family’s head lice problems. With us, you will also get 30 days guarantee and a free follow up program. Our experts also offer you professional guidance on preventive measures. If you follow our advice and use our products on a regular basis, you can stay lice free for years.

The Lice Place is a NALPT certified member. We are bound by specific guidelines and are committed to protect our clients from any potential harm. We also have an infection control policy in-place to make sure that none of our clients get head lice and nits after visiting any of our clinics, call us today to get your appointment booked. And if you have any questions about our Spring Lice Removal Products, call us at 205-425-5165.

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