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1. Head lice do not discriminate towards any socio-economic group or race, and are not related to bad health or hygiene habits.

2. Head lice do not transmit disease.

3. Head lice feed only on human blood.

4. Head lice do not come from animals or pets and cannot survive on a nonhuman host.

5. Itching of the scalp is usually the first noticeable sign. The itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of the lice; however, 50% of people do not have this reaction!

6. The time between when the egg is laid until the live insect dies is about 30-33 days. A female louse can lay 2 to 10 eggs per day.

7. There are approximately 5 female lice for every male louse.

8. Head lice do not jump or fly, but they can crawl really fast!

9. Humans cannot catch nits. They are eggs securely glued to the hair strand and do not travel.

10. Transmission usually occurs through direct head-to-head contact.

11. Head lice need to feed every 3-4 hours. Most will die in less than 24 hours of being removed from the host.

12. Homes and schools do not get lice – people do!

13. There are between 6 and 12 million reported cases of head lice each year. You are not alone!


1. Check all family members – treat only those with an infestation.

2. Contact The Lice Place for consultation and professional lice & nit removal.

3. There is no magic potion—all bugs and eggs must be removed either through manual removal or combing. The TLP Terminator comb removes what the other combs leave behind.

4. Wash or change bed linens.

5. Wash brushes, combs, and hair ornaments that have been used in the previous 24 hours in hot water.

6. Stuffed toys can be dried on high heat for 20 minutes. There is no need to bag toys – or anything else – for 2 weeks (or any length of time)!

7. Items that cannot be washed and/or dried should be set aside for 24 hours. This applies only to items that have been exposed to anyone with an infestation in the past 24 hours .

8. Do not use “lice sprays”. If you really feel the need, you can lightly vacuum upholstered furniture that has been used in the past 24 hours by anyone with an infestation. There is no need to vacuum the carpet or mattresses.

9. Report the infestation to your school, camp, daycare, and close friends. This is the only way to stop the cycle. Many parents are not aware their child has head lice and will appreciate the phone call. Wouldn’t you want to know?


1. Don’t wait for “the letter” to come home from school—check your child on a weekly basis for head lice.

2.Long hair should be worn back (preferably in a braid) or up.

3. Spray hair daily with TLP Mint Spray. Lice are repelled by the scent of mint.

4. Do not share hair brushes!

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