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Tuscaloosa Lice Treatment Products

The subject of head lice is not a popular topic of conversation among teachers and parents. However, at The Lice Place, your one-stop shop for Tuscaloosa Lice Treatment Products, that’s what we do all day, every day. We are here to help you when (and if) you have a head lice problem. Through years of research and clinical studies we have developed lice treatment products and services that are chemical and pesticide-free. After all, who wants harsh chemicals on your head?

The unique and effective Tuscaloosa Lice Treatment Products at The Lice Place are available in our office and online for your convenience:

• TLC Terminator Comb is the foundation for lice and nit removal. Its patented design ensures removal of all nits and lice.

• A great first step in lice treatment and removal is to treat hair and scalp with TLC Mousse. Its special natural ingredients break down the sticky stuff that makes nits and lice attach to you. Then the Terminator Comb can slide the bugs and their eggs easily from hair.

• TLC Shampoo is made with Neem oil and peppermint, so not only is it a great hair and scalp cleaner, it smells nice, too! To accompany the shampoo, we offer conditioner, as well.

• A final lice treatment product aids in preventing more lice infestations in the future. TLC Mint Spray, when misted on hair daily, helps to repel lice and send them elsewhere.

You will note that we offer only products for lice treatment for the hair and head.
Contact our professionals at The Lice Place for your lice treatment, removal, and prevention needs.

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