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October 16, 2019

Welcome to The Lice Place web page! I am Deanna Dickerson, a registered nurse, owner and clinical coordinator of The Lice Place franchise. If this is what you are Googling today, I am guessing that you are in the throes of a LICE CRISIS.

Did you know that head lice are second only to the common cold for conditions that affect school-age children these days? Our mission at The Lice Place is to take the stress out of that very anxiety-provoking situation and make it easier for parents.

Our method is simple, all non-toxic and pesticide-free. There are no unnecessary hot air gimmicks or overnight olive oil treatments to do. The art of nitpicking is performed by one of our highly trained technicians in an upscale, private treatment room. So by simply utilizing a professional-grade nit comb and applying our unique strand by strand process, we are able to remove all the bugs, eggs, and baby lice that are almost microscopic.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to go it alone. Help is as easy as a phone call away!

The Lice Place

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