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Frisco Lice Removal Services

We guarantee our work to be effective at our Frisco Lice Removal office. Come see why hundreds of families have relied on us to help with their lice removal needs.

Frisco Lice Removal

The Lice Place has helped hundreds of families through its non-toxic, pesticide free treatment method.

Frisco Lice Treatment

As the area’s most trusted service provider, when it comes to providing affordable lice treatment services, we can be counted on when you need the help the most.

Frisco Lice Removal Products

We only use non-toxic treatment options and guarantee our work to be effective at eliminating lice.

Frisco Lice Treatment Products

When you are suspicious that one of your children may have head lice,  come visit us to learn if you truly have a case of head lice and are in need of our lice treatment products.

Frisco Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic

The Lice Place is proud to be an NALPT certified member and the area’s most reputable lice removal and treatment clinic.

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The Lice Place

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