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Katy, TX Lice Removal Services

Katy TX Lice Removal & Treatment

If you and your family are suffering with a lice infestation, call The Lice Place at 281-578-5423, your Katy Lice Removal clinic. Our facilities are the only ones in the United States owned and operated by a registered nurse who has seen firsthand how difficult the situation can be.

Contact Our Katy Texas Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic: (281) 578-5423

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Katy, TX Lice Removal

Our experts will patiently and carefully remove lice and nits with a special, patented lice removal comb. We also offer non-toxic, all-natural shampoo, conditioner, mousse and preventive mint spray.

Katy, TX Lice Treatment

Our treatment program includes education, advice and guidance in keeping those nasty lice at bay. Trust your child’s head to us for prompt and effective lice treatment services.

Katy, TX Lice Removal Products

The foundation of our lice removal program is TLC Terminator Comb. Its unique patented design assures effective removal of all nits (lice eggs) and lice. Our products will insure that your child is lice and nit free quickly and hassle free.

Katy, TX Lice Treatment Products

Most lice treatment products found in retail stores contain harsh chemicals and pesticides. But do you really want chemicals and pesticides on your child’s head? At The Lice Place, we offer Lice Treatment Products that are non-toxic and made with essential oils – no chemicals!

Katy, TX Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic

A member of the National Association of Lice Treatment Professionals (NALTP), The Lice Place was founded by registered nurse who was looking for an easier, safer method to treat nits and head lice fast.

Katy, TX Quality Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic

Save time and ease your stress by contacting us today to schedule an appointment for lice removal at the Katy Quality Lice Removal and Treatment Clinic, The Lice Place.

The Lice Place

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